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Time is changed , world care,s about Information Security. According to the research more than 30,000 websites are hacked by hacktivists to achieve their aims. They perform different types of attacks. Security is an illusion and nothing is secured or perfect developed by human. 

Behind Every Secured System There Is a Hand Of Hacker  - Ahmed Mehtab

Yes its true , no one can understand the security better than a HACKER, If you are seeking to learn about Security and exploitation of vulnerability we are honored to volunteer our specialties , knowledge and experienced skills to you and we have decided to teach you by using different sources including this blog. which is free for you , you can learn and enjoy the security writeup,s and tutorials written by security professionals.

Security Fuse is tend to provide cyber security and exploitation knowledge only for educational purpose which allows you to learn internationally for free. the project of security fuse was started on June 2015 by " Ahmed Mehtab " to allow everyone to gain knowledge and to allow everyone to polish their talent and use the potential in a positive timely manner.

Team Security fuse will also will try their best to help the #infosec students to learn. Security Fuse would like to thank Mr.Noman Ramzan for helping us in different matters to start this project.

We hope that you will learn and share the knowledge , because knowledge is power. we also welcome talented Cyber Security Researchers to contribute their role in this project of teaching other,s and welcome their unique thoughts , articles and ideas. They will be given fully credit of their content.

We will start publishing unique and quality articles on Infosec soon. So stay tuned and subscribe to our Mail Box and connect socially on our Social Networks. so you may not miss any fresh update from us. 

 The content provided on this page is the authority of Security Fuse and the content provided is only for educational purpose. Security Fuse is not responsible for any of the act caused by viewers after reading the content from * our aim is to provide a quality information on Cyber Security and exploitation and the knowledge is only for peace and educational purpose.

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About Ahmed Mehtab

Ahmed Mehtab is a white hat cyber security researcher , speaker , trainer and blogger at security fuse. He loves to research on cyber security issues , cyber crime and hacktivism. Quote " Being a hacker without having knowledge of programming is just like a knife without sharpness ~ Ahmed Mehtab "


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