Rafay Baloch's Amazing Book On Penetration Testing

According to a report published on forbes more than 30,000 websites are hacked per day. Life is changing and security matters , if you will not take your security seriously someone will and even it could be a hacker.

Likely behind the success there is bunch of hard work with no doubt and similarly behind every good pentester there is a good and strong structure based on basics & about penetration testing in his mind on which he leads everyday to learn about new things and discover new tactics to bypass security. If you have a poor structure of penetration testing you may fail to compete even after working hard. Few lines of a famous quote says it all that " a chain is only as strong as its weakest link ".

Rafay Baloch one of the best pentester and security researcher in the world is doing research on Information Security from years. He started his career as a bug hunter in his young age when boys of his age love to play games , when they were playing games he was doing research on Information Security and within a year he stepped into Bug hunting and started his career as a bug hunter and provided security to different multi national companies including Microsoft , Paypal , amazon , Nokia and many more , according to me i dont think if there is any such company left where he is not acknowledged. His success continues and he founds a serious security issue in PayPal. He was able to inject his files into Paypal server such type of issue is counted in Remote File Inclusion and was rewarded a reasonable amount. After he started doing research deeply and started penetrating browsers framework , android , networks security. As a result of his hardwork he discover a way to bypass same origin policy in Android web-browser and was acknowledged worldwide. BBC Reports " Google cuts back on Android security fixes " a proud Pakistani Rafay Baloch continues his research and afterwards his wish was to educate other and deliver all of his knowledge which is a great thinking. Education and knowledge gives superiority and sharing knowledge increases it nor decreases it and indeed sharing is caring.

Rafay Baloch wrote his famous book back in 2014 and it went viral during those days on Amazon. The title of his book was " Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Guide " after reading this book we came to know the reason why it went viral in europe. The content provided in this book by Rafay Baloch is extremely deep and clarifies all the basic concepts and advance methods to bypass the security and contain bunch of juicy information.

Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Guide is written in English ,  in 2015 Tribune reports the success story of Rafay Baloch who was listed among top ethical hackers around the world and was acknowledged internationally " The unsung achiever: Pakistani tops lists of ethical hackers of 2014 ". His knowledge is simply embed in that book.

After studying few more chapters i came to know how deep knowledge it contains. One of the best chapter personally i loved to read was chapter 9 of that book which was " Postexploitation " surprisingly i was wondering about metasploit and it was covered in it.

There is a huge difference between other hackers and rafay , accordingly he would love to share all of his knowledge with other and he is helping others since a long time. He says will continue his research in Information Security. To check complete outline or his book preface click here.

This book contain information on cross site scripting too , covering the XSS chapter Rafay included some tactics and his personal experience in bypassing cross site scripting filters. Likely he bypassed famous firewall SUCURI Firewall which is famous to prevent cyber attacks and claiming to prevent such attacks and cleaning the web server.

Web Penetration is one of my favorite field however i loved the way how rafay explained about the deep black hole loops and their exploitation in chapter 12. check some of the content outline mentioned below.

Now have a look on the above outline , i personally loved "Svg Craziness" bypass and it was really explained very well and deeply rooted. 

Here we have another interesting topic , advance cross site scripting is also covered in that book. Beef module is used for exploitation on advance level and i would like to thank rafay for that topic too. Beef is simply awsome framework which i would recommend everyone who likes to play with playloads. however beef exploitation is well explained. 

As i mentioned that this book was published in 2014 however it is still available on Amazon store and is available for order. You can order and purchase this book in the form of hard copy. To order this Book CLICK HERE or visit this link : www.amazon.com/Rafay-Baloch/e/B00J70D08I

It is available worldwide ,  Security Fuse recommends this book to everyone who wants to study deeply on penetration testing. My personal experience was great this book and indeed it contain bunch of juicy information. Its a great opportunity to learn from Rafay Baloch.

We wish Rafay Baloch best of luck for his future career and would like to thank him for writing such a great book and would love to have such valuable books in near future from Rafay however it was an awesome experience to read that book.

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