How dangerous it could be if your Gmail Account is Hacked ?

Gmail one of the top email service provider also known as Google Mail , Our today topic is how dangerous could be your gmail account if Hacked ?

This isn't 2004 when Gmail was started , its tremendous how Google increased his applications and turned into a big Giant. What actually Google Account means for you ? Its simply a question which you must think because there are many applications linked with your Gmail account from your phone to your smart tv.

Hackers are targeting Gmail on the daily basis from different methods like by spreading malware into systems , phishing , keylogging , sniffing and several other methods.

There is no doubt that Gmail and Google Team is working hard to increase the security of Gmail and other applications just like when you log from different device or from different location and if your Gmail activity seems suspicious they will lock your account and you need to verify it.

There are many applications which are linked with your Gmail account. Now just think what if your Gmail account is compromised ? How a hacker can take its revenge.

1- Emails 

Its clear , yes hacker can steal your emails if hacked. 

2- Backdooring Smartphone

We know that Google also allow us to install applications in our smartphones remotely from PlayStore by browsing app and clicking install and whenever your smartphone will get connected to internet app will get installed too. Now what if hacker have android infected application in Playstore ? yes there are ways to do that too and also many did it in past just like mentioned below.

Spy Agencies Hijack Google Play Store to Install Spyware on Smartphones (

You have no idea if your Gmail account is compromised hackers can secretly install a malicious app in your smartphone remotely and after hacker can gain full access to your smartphone.

3- Your Important Documents 

Hacker can also access your important documents too if you are using Google Drive , now a days people usually use Google drive to store their private data as a backup and could be easily accessible to hacker.

4- Contacts 

He can also steal your contacts information too like emails , numbers etc using Google Contacts.

5-  Bookmarks  

Hacker can access your bookmarks , when you were browsing websites using your smartphone you usually bookmarked some websites and they were stored in Google Bookmarks :

6- Google Search History

Google also logs your search history and the amazing thing is that it is available anytime where ever you go no matters just login to your account and you can check what you searched previously and hacker can also check you searched.

7- Your Audio Recording

 Yes , Google also logged what you searched using Google voice or voice sent via google apps. which means hacker can also listen to it too via just your Gmail Account.

8- Your Photos

This is somthing which i think you will get amazed! yes Google is doing auto-backups of all of your Photos in your smartphone. All of your photos are stored in Google Photos and Hacker can also gain access to your photos if he hacked your smartphone.

There are alots of apps which are linked with your single Gmail Account , it could be very dangerous if your gmail account security is compromised. We would prefer you to use hard passwords with combination of special characters and case sensitive Moreover use 2 factor authentication. 

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